wijf, ga je ramen lappen. klim op de ladder en doe de buitenkant ook.
I know his son got acces denied when re entering the usa if i am not mistaken, had the wrong name.Ali..
no i don't want to touch this even if i can and wtf has it gotto do with a museum?

S.S. Cars Limited changed its name to Jaguar Cars Limited on March 23, 1945


Got time on your hands? plave your bets; lion vs tiger.  i hate 500 px, to much clickwork.

Leningrad - Kolshik from FancyShot on Vimeo.

1800 euro's and you can shoot a brown bear in roemania, i don't hunt, i poach.
Not that we have any wildlife left. The most dangerous animal we have is a pff no idea, some little snake but i have never seen one. I go for humans as most dangerous.American by far the worst.
 photo 20160614_165701_zpscix1vpxv.jpg
.Craig is the only pilot in the world that has intentionally crashed three airplanes and all of those stunts were accomplished in perfect safely.

op t randje..
, that's mach loop , it's on my bucketlist, got twelve years left or right so i'd better hurry
the breadvan 2 but different story. she's gotta have an album cos she uses the same uploader i tend to use. just picked one tag.

argh fok it ,
this is no society is is a inc,  .lost in a forest..
i am out. sometimes i wonder why do people do certain pointless things ,damn fine omelet.

wanna get lost?  .. i am in this section.

net op het randje..
guys know what a nautilus shell is? , right ,., i want one. this one belonged to a dude who blew up his fortune in 10 years, now part of the Q collection.

normal 120 steps, french legionnairs 83 , a normal stair 14,a lazy one 12.