The place to be.. i'd like the methusalem table please for the weekend.

110 km of files, 51 processed, and
hops they found another 60 km of unassorted files..16.000 bags of shredded paperwork,7.6 mln photo's..etc.
I owned ,wore down a couple of Cîtroêns, loved them hated them.
darn i gotta pee.

I had to see it unwanted, shitclip passed by without warning, so you have been warned.
if i can puke then so can my visitors.

time to clear my head , got cats?
via this subforum, which is hmm well been in there for a few days now, it has its odd corners..

and turn my brain or what is left of it into other directions.( a well renowded traveller)
zo stoned as ne kanarie
maar hé het is Kunst.( died at the age of 72 from cancer.).
it looks like fucking barcode, don't buy 729 etc. new theme, stripes..
Mattia Crepaldi , the choice/mix of beauty and ugly ( i luv freckles and hate tats).using illusion is the finest way.
while I am at it, time for dessert.

testing 123 ,this will be deleted pretty fast i am afraid..
wel fok ,it works.i like to mine for gold.don't ask how i got it.

colored by klimbim, that rings a bell.( cos i can spit from my country to germany if i want to)
grew up with german tv , more channels...