A good test for an Aghori is this: When you can eat your own feces with real love for it, you have achieved a tiny bit. I don’t mean perversion; I am talking about true oneness with all existence. You have produced the feces; it is a part of you; you enjoyed eating the food which produced it, an the only thing between the food and the feces is you. Why should you find it so repugnant? Feces is just much a part of Atma as your body and your consciousness are; who is feeding what to whom? The Atma is feeding the Atma to the Atma: It is all the play of the Atma. When an Aghori reaches this stage, he eats whatever he finds: dead dogs, offal, slops from the gutter, his own flesh. He finds whatever he eats equivalent to the tastiest dishes, all because he does not falsely discriminate. He sees everything as One; no attraction or repulsion. When the body demands food, he eats whatever is available.
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The USA manufactured over 41 billion rounds of ammunition throughout WW2, enough to kill the then world's population 17 times over,
Almost 80% of the males born in the Soviet Union in 1923 did not survive World War II, 
A russian tank did not make more then 70 miles that included transport by train, 44.500 pcs..
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