For nutheads only , wreck site, each vessel there is is a dot, it looks pretty busy near the North Sea,.. tricky map to navigate, have to be gentle with the mouse, each square is a certain map on its own. yes there is an imagegallery

for riva /maserati lovers only, expensive..MĂ´gge,

i was searching for the 8.3ltr engine of the maserati boat,but ended up finding two pffbrr photo/car enthousiasts.
oh yes he has way more in his cloud..
  strange is that if i go to his photography department it switches automatically to google drive and it shares the whole shabam... i know i am logged in due to this blogging but eeh.
updeetje, i got a mail from him , it is supposed to be free. go ahead.
Micheal , hit it.

nr.2 will be later ,asked him for some copyrights and no flash , me gotta wait.matter of discipline.

ooaart. i had a strange night so stranger links.
so don't ask how it works , i hardly know it and i spend some time in it.

the not so fine art but aah  well.

hm.exeguy , looked okay , got to read this story about Carl Tanzler. , fascenating.yes it's from 2016.
The story however way older. you folks skip it.

ha , wat n boef, 4 x schieten en raakt de agent of zijn hond niet eens, prutser

one of the olde yet excellent , y need to click twic before y can wander through lobanov.
.  if it dnt wr resfresh
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