Môgge, kusje op je voorhoofd.
No worries, all will pass my coffeefilter some day some how, 
good that people are sharp and debunk some off the pictures.
momma's site is dead , so i ended up at noorderlicht, aah the dumb bitch and the vicious jackall in disarray over their house, damned good docu.

007 cars, click on the pictures and see them large and tap away..

 ( biggest in the usa). What a life...it makes you hate humans.
d         eeh          prices

ja je bent, Mijn.

 we look at the right
then at the left before we x.
y can adjust the size,left top, just imagine he is on his honeymoon all over the world.
komt er niks aan dan kunnen we oversteken.

clap clap,
he has no real topics in his blog, actually friggin boring so now and then but i luv leica's.

makes no sense a hanging tower.
This is where society is going..even a tech 9 won't help you get a decent service.

this makes no sense either but if i tap them allin his cloud its like a jungle if you are a ornothologist ,,he makes photo's as well., enjoy.

a  +100 K volkswagen is not a "volks"wagon. it is a beauty..
it's my second language or third, it as easy for me to speak german as it is in dutch,
so Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz is nothing special to me.