klik mooi. sure i'll marry y..
cos there was a v-competition. enough to watch.

klik boom filmpje.

hgmm. got time?  this is how i barged in but he works with tags , no worries.
mostly ww or war related. give or take the whole bundesarchive.

                                                      Hmmmm, if you tolerate this , then you're children will
                                                                          be next will be next...

fuck fuck fuck , don't do that again. baf smack in my face no warning. liked the LG factory ,

adored lollipop for trying.very cute.

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Another ph  contest Letvia, love her butt.

I am totally lost, happens a lot lately.Way 2 much input.

fun fact, did you know that a jetfighter has about 5 kg of gold in him? tag dsign
yes i will leave russia no worries, Tank party?
Giancarlo my pick.. momma macos well, al his links are good.
matter of personal taste.
hope her head is not broken..

last one,personal. skip it. large photo's of well nothing.
ismael, traveller but sometimes i wonder don't get a flat tyre ,not dead yet?
, he seems to like solitude like here in bolivia.love his blog and other trips.

the two bird rule. try saying that in french then in german then in polish or russian.
2 birds, short effective, deux oiseaux it sings .german well... polak  protar scznercwiskhi

one sausage     solo.                               two sausage. with other members to browse around.