Môggeh,   I don't get it, the time i do but the cannon. no time to think.
                            122 pages and this is the medicine department.

Peter and Pete
                                                                                                            animal lovers and their victims

but then again there loads of things i have trouble understanding.
i think the puzzle is y have to get it vertically , a old stigmatising gadget, 
blind find, the link is a dead end.
it opens an archive with way to many pages and my pc gets overloaded. a true shame.
saw nice things before it exploded.
                                          yep John,1400 bucks and y fucking destroyed them.

                                                               Sometimes y think tx god , y gotta teach them.
                 punishment is a bitch.

              There is a difference between living in the projects and having projects.D-sign. High End.
pic via some kiddy?forum about guns and babes. looking at the pics its plastic boobs and plastic guns and what is triggersafety, pic above makes no sense at all, cocked, finger on the trigger so why blow?

Design Part Two.  Ronarad.
fuck design, entertainment, r&r, charity

Art. well in the eye of the beholder.
personal , y skip it, xxxl zoom. Carlebach coll. horrible nav.

mien ploatjesboer heeft ne updeet , t werdt tiet.
                             over boerenlullen gesproken,spotjes,  dat  kan dus iedere boerenwijf.
kusje van hema en hoeveel vlekjes wil je.
                            sommigen kicken erop.  want to make gardentorches from them,
 i don't want ikea next door stuff but i think shipping is going to be a problem

Bridge to jep... Elephant.

                           i am a photographer retoucher, jpeg creator..
photoshopuser, prutser, name any site you stumble over every flickr into her pinterest facebook instagram 500 pix i don't have the money for a proper site. but then again who am i to judge.
         other side of the medaillon , good wallpapersized photo's but are they your's..

                                                                 Ryan McGinley.

personal taste. schöne beine hat die kleine aber titten hat sie keiner woman i'd like 2 marry of the day from anti-agency , where it is okay to be a bit to average tall or have a spot here and there,
all have to have a jep instagram  she's cute.

Hmm , perhaps for a bankrobbery?
is this the car insurancecompany?
i think it's ghastly bad,photorenaissance others beg to differ.