.i picked the white swan, but go ahead brrrowse around , it's big, so are the foto's and information.
i would order the blubblub one for when i go swimming. If your budget is less then so will safety be, but he. you are on a mission.

woman i'd like to marry of the day.Allie.
and yes we will get the world to drink milk ,if paid 3 million he drinks anything.
intolerant or not it is a huge market and ours is declining.
really really huge. not bad. now a way to make them grow beards and shave.

odd,  i have most countries in the world visiting here but israel? i mean really who wants to fuck
an american,
then you must have run out of options or friends. not that i am in favor of any other nutcasegroups promoting hate in order to get peace and love.
Weird concept.
i want them hippies back,i want the same medication he has ,

(anyway Chinese art, i should have gone for the jewelrydept,which is my corner but this is extreme antfucking so we are good) klik..
Move along, i can't block you .keep walking.
The problem of every teacher, Summercamp and which parent is willing to volunteer to tag along.
( link is harry, nice means y have to pay for your account).
                                          like the idea but be way more creative and fuck privacy.
i mean what's the difference?

ancient thinking, the eugene corner.
Hatjoe, not gesundheit.

 Sure , the government says don't drink but make billions on taxes.
Sure, the governement tells us to stop smoking and makes 2 billion profit after lungcancer deduction costs. 
If you have an ideal or are a good government, why the fuck did you introduce it?
Bread,games and a little opium

for the people and we will not have a revolution.

fucking hot today, i was asked for a bbq but i ran late.

eerlijk gewonnen, medicationtime  Geurt  van Dijk dus.
i mean i know dudes in a coffeeshop that are like this, harmless people.
works great on Jehova's at your doorstep to..

                                          to b honest, i don't give a fuck about rap nigger, eeh homy, eeh brother, eeh allochtoon eeh person with an etnical background. I am just here for the local culture not the american.
tja, kwestie van centen hé. boeken. duuzendje per uur?
seksistisch neeeuh
Voor een hele gave, stoere, high-end tv-commercial van Radio 538 zijn wij nog opzoek naar prachtig model. In de commercial ben je te zien als een echte droom vrouw waar die in een oogopslag een onvergetelijke indruk maakt. Een lieve, mooie en een tikkeltje ondeugende blonde vrouw. Sylvana de shoot is in A'dam Noord,bij je om de hoek

Goodnight, where ever i laid my head that's my home.