Môgge, i like the Muse one, the porcelainfellow with the scarf..
Jouk oosterhof.

Lemme guess, blond,dumb and lost. You must be thirsty but i ain't got water with me..
can't fix your tyre,        perhaps we can make some signal.

tja je hebt het of niet, verschilt bij mij van dag tot dag.
en de een zijn is de ander zijn.

long story, derivals from yesterday,manga style so skip if  y do not care.
you have the publishers, racing who is first . a comic per week is normal
low prices, high volume.
Then you have scanlation, the ones who make a deal with an employee of the publisher
scan the shit and lanch it before it is published.
It is a one punch drama

because i was thirsty 2
,had to much curry.

and all of that because i went shopping on line for new bedlinnen, bycylegear, they have everything
and really up to date..

1/35 Syrian Civil War Mortar Artillery Unpainted Resin Parts

global marketleader , yapanese girls in tanktops on a german nazi tanks , no problem.

and the eehm department.. , this dude somewhere on page one has a nifty gallery... klik

it all leads to this and that link is gone..not in the mood to do an imagesearch.
no point in diving into my history, that's eeh big.
plane gifje gifje