Well at least i gave it a try..
yeah i know,gifs suck.Sue me, wanna bottle of coke?. Image #2568144, 4.8 MB
each gif is a klik to a gif or mp4.

eeh Bannink, de moeite waard om een oog op te werpen.
cos i hate bureaucrazy and many other things.
                                         Ddnude, dutch drama.could b your nextdoor girl.

welcome home, what's left of you. for 10 kilo of marijuana. that would be 2 weeks in the netherlands or a fine.
Take a wild guess what a native would get as punishement for a few hundred kg of heroïne..

thinking okay i have seen mugshots, hundreds, so it must be old, small check.nope.

                               hmm, high five manos a Manos, a magnum photographer so you know life is not always a pleasure for all of us. pic unrelated offcourse.

keyboarduser?  like pineapple?  to end a hungerstrike at the beginning of the ramadan.

bound to happen,first of many many to come.
 boxed in for a few days now so hops and they do work by a different set of rules then we do.
                                   Giles,artist. last supper kinetic etc. not to me but okay,some like him

Burt Glin Time 1963
cccp lovers only.