I am a huge fan.Have a big huge collection, really bad i know. but i inherited a comiclibrary when i was 17, it grows..

                                               turelureluur, thule boys. tricky corner.
                         1943 © Franz Eichhorst

                                                        gin tonic chickenpox.  tx Lord.

busy busy busy, not much time to blog. have to work study and have a social life.
and not one single curve etc compart blabladibla.  ring rrring  toet toet etx

Biodiversity , hate it but it is a must.

terible site and forumDpboys mostly usa.
Where to fucking start casting, find a different hobby etc.
mr loudmouth has a point in his reply,but his own site is yep total bagger.

Great karma.
personal ,so skip it. something to do with what war or if a prisoncamp or concentrationcamp gets the highscore on stress.

ff stampen?  i mean it's weekend. don't live on the countryside for no reason..

lekker maar niet te vaak.