Noblesse oblige 

                                                                     yep kutfeeling.

met got company, some youngsters dive into my archive and they fool around today. Waybackmachine of all my blogs...  , nope i had too many islands.

plakje worst?
yes one hand bound, refugees and goldseekers problem, tricky. drainage is a bad word, very very bad.we need a sewer would Trump say.
we got plenty of room in Europe,depends on the street or which block.
Try gardening and find out.

starwarsdatabase etc  left handers only.

  etc etc etc.let's race. etc.Emmet Till , just as usefull as a frank.  no idea but here y can pick the characters for yr ar ios appshizzle. i only do the Voice tests.

Spamboxing,this is nr 1.  no date watching ,just enjoying and sparing a shitload of uploadwork.

                                                           Afijn , (prachtige amateurfoto, novosibirsk) even naar de dieren kijken.