music, sit down rlx look around, click if y wish..clap clap

WTF changes it's name. wtf?                              Môgge,
                                                   Afijn,U begrijpt Reeds. Wel godverdoemme
zucht, en ik zit niet eens op twitter.
does color matter? does size matter?
Does life matter?

eric avery.                    Having a big heart matters.

kga outside,
Kiteday. tetra.Bell.

or zoomklik zoom .library shid.
whatever and so on,
want bigger klik

sjelebs, don't like them.but then again i am dutch, we do not like ego or idolizing persons.,mostly over rated and the underrated succesfull for one or 2 reasons only.
                                                                 Ain't that right Joe?
woman has a glass ceiling i guess. fine by me.Her freedom of choice.
like the bass
part of my work/hobby.filtering/curating. i have seen all accidents and roadrage there is after pre selection.Edito's pick filtering more fun. Would respond the exact same way, i hate and detest violence
 just kidding.
but his life wil be miserable. make sure he wil never get a job or wife,
         my dog is very dangerous...

80 ct de kilo c.f.i meer niet,
pfssst.  it is the west i am 300 mtrs higher. Eastside  All we need to build a dam and let them be. Drips against bloods.

well some here drive to Poland or on their holiday inThailand and do the same... it's cheaper and just as good.

Alleppo, but the old one. the eeh first genocide.
medicationtime, ik voel me als brandhout.                                            so Tenge,
 not his frontpage but smack in the middle, it does not matter at his place. Just love his style and taste.
                                                                            I'll wash away your sins.