a lot of blablabla as usual but liked the idea. love VW?
time to wake up, take my meds and get to work. his favorites not mine but okay.
Going once and twice, sold.                                                                                 Mamma mia..

Means to an end, terrorism? freedomfighters, or just joe the plumber getting fucked way up his ass
for the 17th time?
bikergangs, always a tough crowd.(bbc contextversion)

a Tribute to Helmut Newton. 
makes y wanna kill people right?
but he soon it will be legal to do so... It is liberal
myselve am a liberal anarcho Juche lover.

between a rock and a hard place, (love the end.... )  

yes wrap it, it's a gift for my wife.
Gemrocks/minerals , only for lovers.
cos y gotta have faith baby.
 could have taken the look ma no hands breastmilkpump but that would be clickbait. CET.2017.

Honda needs input, just brainfart away.

yeah yeah sure sure look at my dick 6th generation. .  zijn ze nou helemaal van de ratten besnuffeld die mafkleppers. geen gif , tja dan maar op de bio tour. blijven teringhondjes,bloedjefanatiek.
Let's go wild ,go wild in the country, bad song nice chick.

just photo's, single ones.