interested in archeology?

testing yakuza shipment of coke.


off to school,                                                           DKRP

                                                         if y like this , me don't.

                                                      y tell me what are the odds he is clean?
               pfff, don't wanna go there no more, or say do not want to publish it., the rim of the dark side.

creative. no fat bitch enters my store again.


treplanatie, beats lobotomy d'r was ooit een hollandse knaap medicijnstudentje met een black en decker ergens in de hippietijd..oh ja bartje.

Afijn,prioriteiten.belangrijker. medicationtime.

sorry for nicking the pick but i needed that one,illustrative for the future

it takes time,has to age like whine. Bernini Borghese collection Medusa etc .
 best funeral music i know.
the site itselve it eeh large. big.
Bulls don't like the colour red ( not true but okay) , goats ?  nope.

sure as hell beats Angels by robby W.