Môgge ,mr Fuji user.

                                                     pffffff.  jep bagger afijn, enjoy.

                                                plastic soupsea,throw away society,

all y need on tha beach is...
                                                                Woman only.

                                         Because in a way i love traditions. some way.

                                 carrera moar geen poshjuh

ff wakker worden. mirror mirror what y do y see... a nice pricetag that's what i c.

                                         Main reason why we never will win a war only battles.
your opponent does not wear shoes, has no pool nor A.C. does not shoot up dope
                                            Me love y looong time.
knock knock, Who there? Hemaworstje,who else the pizzaguy?
 fucking open that door or i will have you shot.
come to c your boss,the shithead needs his meds. Gotta hurry,the plane to Washington is waiting for the next patiënt.

a few red ones,meaning tap the red button.
1 2  

I feel pushed.

an old small 360 .so yes click on the 360...sigh.

Want a shitload of photo's? Every now and then i bring a bag of pre filtered ones.
2 tired from work, to lazy to cook so i grab a bite from my kitchen.
It's weekend and yes 22.30 and we all are still outdoors and working..
eeehm pokazuha, pure lazyness and i always like the furniture, not the  stylish Femjoy sluts.

Vespa piag

when you are in the mood, madonna eat yr heart out , sure it is over acting but hé fun fact, the guy díd die of lungcancer. so suck my cunt.